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farm frenzy strategies--how to begin the game?

(Editor:Amy 10/29/2014)
Let me tell you some strategies about Farm Frenzy 3. Firstly, let's think about how to begin the game.
You begin with a blank patch of land and a few geese. You need to do 3 things: feed the geese, protect the geese, and gather and sell the eggs they produce. To begin with, click on the ground. Some grass will grow and the geese will be able to eat it. Once the geese begin eating, they will also begin producing eggs. Click the eggs to place them in the storehouse, where they can be sold for money. You can use the money to upgrade your farm, which will make your job easier as the game gets more complex. Sometimes a bear will come on to your property. The bear endangers your animals, so you must act quickly to neutralize it. Click on any bears you see as fast as possible to cage them and get rid of them. In this first stage, you can do well by making sure to take care of bears first, then gathering and selling goods, and finally making sure there's enough food for your geese. Once you start gathering money, you are ready to begin upgrading your farm.

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